Huge drone turns guy into flying machine — and epic snowboarder

YouTube star Casey Neistat manages to do something we've all wanted to try with a drone: let it haul him around on a wild...

Flaming Samsung Note 7s fill the year’s best Yule fireplace

Warm your techie soul with a joyful Yule log video showing a fireplace full of Samsung Galaxy Note 7s merrily roasting away. A few days...

Lost your gig to a robot? Here’s a check to help you get by

A poll says people are open to the idea of a "universal basic income" to counter tech-fueled job loss. But figuring out the nitty-gritty...

Reporter goes after Twitter user for allegedly causing seizure

Kurt Eichenwald is on a mission to find out who sent him a tweet that triggered an epileptic seizure. Kurt Eichenwald is going after whoever...

Tour a vodka distillery in 360 degrees

Put on a VR headset and watch how vodka is made. Having a few sips of vodka can be enough to make your head spin. At...

The hype life: 2016 tech that wowed and whiffed

Virtual reality. Space travel. Flagship phones and next-gen computers. What 2016 tech was worth the wait, and what left us cold? UP NEXTVR is here,...

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