Artificial intelligence has a big year ahead

In 2017, AI won't just be for the nerdy companies. Machine learning can help with mortgage applications and bridge safety, too. Get ready for AI...

Mysterious ‘ghost shark’ caught on video for first time ever

Remote cameras accidentally catch images of the phantasmal creature with a sex organ on its forehead, far from the waters previously believed to be...

How we could spot a ‘Death Star’ in real life

"Rogue One" resurrects a discussion of the Empire's favorite planet-killing weapon. Could we detect evidence of a Death Star blast across space and time? Each...

Tigers chase drone through the snow. Can they catch it?

Siberian tigers at a Canadian zoo are frolicking in the snow and then are mesmerized by a drone filming and teasing them. Siberian tigers apparently...

2016 wasn’t so bad: 5 ways this year will shape the future

When we look back, 2016 could be the year we started to live longer, better and beyond Earth. It's been hard to miss all the...

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