Google project has small name but tackles big security issue

Project Wycheproof, named after the smallest mountain in the world, lets developers quickly check their cryptographic libraries against a large number of known attacks. So...

Orlando shooting victims’ families sue Twitter, Google, Facebook

The families claim the influential tech companies didn't do enough to limit the reach of the Islamic State. Families of the Orlando shooting victims have...

Sony lets Google Home be your remote control

The Google Home's skills as an entertainer are starting to bloom. Thanks to a firmware update, you can now use the always-listening smart speaker...

The hype life: 2016 tech that wowed and whiffed

Virtual reality. Space travel. Flagship phones and next-gen computers. What 2016 tech was worth the wait, and what left us cold? UP NEXTVR is here,...

Google Pixel phones, Daydream View and Chromecast Ultra: Everything Google just announced

After all the leaks there were few surprises, but the theme was Google Assistant Everywhere. It feels like forever since the first rumors about Google's...

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